Website Health Check
Is your website an asset or a liability?

Over the years you have probably maintained your vehicles, painted your workplace and kept yourself smart. After all that first impression can make or break a sale. But what about your web site?

When was the last time your website design had a fresh coat of paint, a service or smarten up?

Is it creating a good first impression? Are your potential customers welcomed to a well designed, user friendly and informative home page? Or are they confronted by an out of date and tired looking splash page?

Does your domain name reflect the nature of your business?

Optimum Content
Some of the questions you should be asking.
  • Is the content written in the best way for your visitors and Search Engines?

  • Are your pictures showing current products with proper text descriptions?

  • Do all the links work?

  • Are any prices shown correct?

  • Is your content Search Engine optimised?

  • What do Search Engines see when or if they look at your pages? Note (1)

  • Is there downloadable product information?

(1) Search engines cannot "see" images, graphical Flash content or actively enact with any content.
Usability and some of the features you should be checking
  • Do your pages load quickly?

  • Are your pages accessible on all platforms?

  • Is the navigation clear and easy to follow?

  • Is the layout consistent?

  • Cross browser compatibility?

  • Is the text readable to all your visitors?

  • Any broken links?

  • How can prospective clients contact you?

  • How many visitors?

  • Which Search Engine refers and what were the search terms?
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